Sheri-D Wilson is an Alberta Appointed Marriage Commissioner serving the Calgary and

surrounding areas. She is in her 50’s with professional conduct and a regal decorum. She has

performed many Wedding Ceremonies and is truly passionate and dedicated to creating a

wedding ceremony which will inspire beauty and trust.

Sheri-D has already earned a reputation for her unique and meaningful Wedding ceremonies, balancing

professionalism and light heartedness equally. She feels it is important that her clients to relax

and enjoy their Wedding Day so she provides Customized Wedding Ceremonies to suit each

couple. It is also important for her to provide exceptional customer service. She currently serves

on the Board of Directors for The Calgary Spoken Word Society — dedicated to giving voice to

all people.

Sheri-D’s Credentials

  • Active Alberta Marriage Commissioner serving Calgary and surrounding areas
  • Poet (with nine books of poetry)
  • Founder & Director of the Calgary Spoken Word Festival (2003-2014)
  • Founder & Director of The Spoken Word Program at The Banff Centre (2005-2012)
  • Teacher and Educator
  • Feminist and Activist for the Prevention of Violence Against Women
  • Active member in local community
Sheri-D Alberta Marriage commissioner

Alberta marriage commissioner. Sheri-d